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Sr. Scientist, Dermatological Pharmacology

Evolved by Nature

Evolved by Nature

Natick, MA, USA
Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2022

At Evolved By Nature we are creating new molecules for a healthier future. Evolved By Nature is a mission-driven organization that aims to generate novel molecules, bio harvested from natural renewable resources to create products that advance the health of people and the planet.

Due to the company’s expansive portfolio growth, the Evolved By Nature Research and Development team is looking for a Senior Scientist in Dermatological Pharmacology to join us in characterizing the functional effects and mechanism of action of silk compositions on eukaryotic skin cells/tissues. In this role, you'll characterize the cellular effects of silk compositions and/or coordinate through our partner CROs, and process performance data. Work will include the design of novel cell assays.


● Take ownership of the project and lead in the design of strategies to dissect the mechanism of silk action in skin cells

● Design and execution of experiments independently and in collaboration with the team

● Investigate the biological mechanism and efficacy of action of silk compositions using eukaryotic cell-based assays/tissue models/skin biopsies

● Establish novel cell culture/tissue assays according to the needs of the team

● Evaluate strategies for the delivery of silk compositions to key cell/tissue types

● Demonstrate high learning agility and excellent communication within the team and with external teams

● Deliver results within strict deadlines

● Prepare detailed reports to share during project team meetings and at group meetings with clear and high quality/effective figures

● Ensure accurate record keeping of all research work, generate progress reports and presentations in a timely manner

● Participate in the preparation of patent fillings, presentations, and papers for publication

● Coordinate with external CROs to accomplish specific experimental outcomes


  • PhD in dermatology/skin cell biology or related field of study with a focus on eukaryotic cell/tissue models/skin biopsies biology with 3+ years of hands-on experience (or MSc plus 5+ years of experience or BSc plus 7+ years of experience)

Skills & Abilities:


● Demonstrated ability to take ownership of your projects and lead their development

● Evidence-based solid technical foundation in mammalian cell cultures (adherent and suspension cells) & tissues

● Experience with developing robust and scalable eukaryotic cell/tissue assays

● Experience with methods for analyzing protein expression in cells, like SDS-PAGE, Coomassie/silver staining, concentration determination, dialysis, ELISA, western blot etc.)

● Experience with tissue sectioning, staining and microscopic analysis

● Demonstrated ability to communicate complex scientific concepts to domain experts and non-experts, using clear figures and presentations

● Demonstrated evidence of technical writing skills to summarize and keep an accurate record of experiments performed

● Equally comfortable working independently and with a team

● Energetic and creative problem-solver who thrives in an innovative environment, adapts to change, and can grasp new concepts and techniques quickly

● Proficiency with Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or Pages, Keynote and Numbers


● Experience working with skin cell types (keratinocytes, fibroblasts etc.) and skin model tissues (3D Mattek, skin biopsies etc.)

● Experience working with scratch assays, cell painting, cytological assays

● Experience with scaling cell cultures for drug screening

● Experience with GraphPad Prism, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, NCBI, RSCB

● Demonstrated experience with all/some of the above through publications in peer-reviewed journals, patents, conference proceedings or research thesis

Other Requirements:

  • Able to obtain up to date Covid-19 vaccination status per the current CDC guidelines (full vaccination dose and booster) prior to employment start day.

Evolved By Nature is a new type of biotech company creating new molecules for a healthier future. With a belief that the next generation of products will advance the health of people and planet, we're using our sustainable molecule platform, Activated Silk™ technology, to create biomolecules, sustainable chemicals and natural ingredients that will increase the performance and decrease the environmental impact of everything from therapeutics to soap, to sneakers.